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Acne-Scar Laser Treatment in Karachi


According to the British Skin Foundation, 28% of the UK population suffers with acne and 95% of acne sufferers say it impacts their daily lives. Even once acne has completely healed and is no longer active, it can still leave behind visible, permanent scarring. The good news is, there are a number of innovative treatments available to help improve the appearance of acne scarring.

At skin, we are able to offer expert advice from our qualified doctors, plus proven-effective treatments to address acne scarring

Acne scarring is caused by the body effectively putting “too much effort” into healing the wounds caused by acne, causing an excess of collagen built up in the skin. This collagen may stay in place permanently, creating acne scarring.

The best acne scar treatment for you will depend on the extent of your scarring, the desired results, and your skin type. For this reason, you should book a consultation with our trained and experienced practitioners who will assess your skin. In some cases, combining multiple treatments may have the best effect. If you are suffering from live acne, you need to wait until your acne is under control before seeking acne scar treatment.

Our TCA peel is one of our more advanced, deeper Enerpeels. It penetrates down to the dermis and can help target dark marks, discolouration and acne scars.

The usual downtime is about a week, during which time you will experience the skin peeling away to reveal new, smoother skin below the surface.

Microdermabrasion uses tiny crystals to physically remove the top layer of skin cells, which make this treatment particularly good for treating acne scars.

It is a painless treatment that’s suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Our Microneedling treatments work by creating thousands of miniscule contact points, leaving your body’s natural healing process to rejuvenate and repair the skin.

It’s perfect for correcting an uneven skin tone and pigmentation caused by acne scarring.

Laser Resurfacing treatments remove surface cells but are targeted so they don’t cause damage to surrounding healthy skin cells.

We offer a variety of Laser Resurfacing treatments including CO2RE, which can target both superficial and deeper layers of your skin, and Fraxel, which penetrates deep into the skin, and Erbium Yag, which works deeper still.

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