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Cleft lip palate in Karachi

Cleft lip and cleft palate are birth defects that occur when the lip or mouth do not form properly during pregnancy. Cleft palate is a birth defect in which a baby’s palate (roof of the mouth) doesn’t form completely and has an opening in it. These birth defects are called oral clefts or orofacial clefts.

Deformity of nose occurs in varying degrees along with cleft lips. Although the lip gets corrected early on in life, the nose deformity persists as a stigma and it causes mental trauma to the affected.

The correction of such deformities is challenging and the results are rewarding. Nose function as well as appearance gets major improvement by surgery. The days are gone when such surgeries were done in surgical camps. More and more patients are seeking better care and attention. Restoration of near normal appearance should be the goal. The surgical options are many and varied. The results depend on judicious selection of technique keeping in mind the nature of deformity. Results are permanent.

One comes across the many types of diseases which seem to be inflicting huge damage to the human lives over the years. Certainly, every disease has its own causes and nature of damage it attaches to us. Some are too drastic that ultimately takes our life which is very precious for any human. On the other hand, some of them make people to suffer heavy round of visit to the hospital in an attempt to cure that disease. Not only this, one has to bear the huge expenses of operation, tablets, medicines and tests that are required to get over with any kind of illness or irregularity attached to one’s life. For an instance, cancer is the mother of all diseases which go on to take the life of the human with causes a lot of financial expenses for the family members of the patients. And there are some minor diseases in the shape of fever, headache or stomach pain which is the part of our life which we have to deal with almost on the daily basis if we do not take the proper care of our life. Such diseases can easily be cured by an individual with the help of taking a single tablet. These are the diseases which do not come with the individual when he opens his eyes in this world. But unfortunately there are some kind of problems and diseases which one confront from the day of his birth.


One of such defects is the cleft lip and cleft palate which have become very common nowadays amongst the new born babies belonging to the diverse walks of life and living in the distinct part of the global village or world. You must have heard about the cleft lip and cleft palate quite often. Let me tell you about his birth defect. It is one of the prevailing birth defects that happen as and when the facial parts or compositions of the baby do not form properly and fully during the period of pregnancy on the part of the mother. Owing to this, the lips or the mouth of the child or baby does not fuse together fully or normally. There are called as the orofacial clefts, some child fall victim to merely one while others fall victim to both.

It has been observed and researched by the doctors and researchers that the forming process of the lips of child takes place somewhere in the middle of 4th and 7th week of the pregnancy on the part of the mother. The reason behind the occurring of the cleft lip to the child is because the tissue that form the lips of your child does not fuse together completely before the birth of the baby and child. The opening of the lip may turn out to be small or large depending on the pregnancy period. This is the birth defect that often appears on either one or sometimes both parts of the lip. As the matter of the fact, the palate is something which is formed normally in the mid of the months i.e. 6th to 9th week of the pregnancy of the mother.

Orofacial clefts are the birth defects which is the end product of the numerous reasons and factors. It has been researched by the concern authorities that the main factors behind this birth defect appear to be the genetic and environmental which vary from baby to baby. Not only this, there can be one more reason in the shape of taking in the certain types of medicines and tablets during the sensitive period of pregnancy on the part of the women or mother.

If you are the one who is the victim of cleft lip or has the child who is facing this birth defect, you do not have to worry about it as there are the development and establishment of the number of medical centers and hospitals with effective team of doctors who have been able to eliminate it without any damage or expense. Grab the necessary information about the best medical center for the treatment of the cleft lip.