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Hypospadias Treatment in Karachi

Hypospadias is the health related problem which affects the penis of the male gender or boy. It is the end-product of three distinctive problems facing an individual. First, the hole from which the urine has to pass is n0t at the middle position of the penis of the boy. Second, a foreskin is accumulated at the backside of the penis of the individual without any on the front position of the penis. Third and lastly, the penis may turn out to bent whenever it stiffs. As far as the position or spot of the meatus is concerned, it varies from an individual to individual. In the case of some males, the hole on the penis is merely a tiny distance away from the middle point or tip of the penis. There are some boys who have it at the base area of the penis.

types of hypospadias

Causes of hypospadias:

According to the recent research conducted by the top doctors and surgeons, in every 300 boys, there is the one who becomes victim to the hypospadias. But, the statistics seems to be growing on the faster pace. There have been no research conducted that could pinpoint the exact or valid reason or cause behind the birth problem for boys in the shape of hypospadias. There is the need of more research to be able to get to know about the causes of this problem. It is quite clear that this problem is nothing to do with the period of the pregnancy on the part of the women or mother. It is the problem which can be linked with other problems that an individual may have been confronting in the shape of inguinal hernia and the undescended testicles. However, the doctor has to comprehensively conduct a checkup of the child in an attempt to confirm the other problems.

Signs and symptoms of hypospadias:

The look of the penis that belongs to the child will itself shows the sign of the problem of hypospadias. Not only this, urine would not flow through the middle position or tip of the penis. Consequently, this may cause a numerous type of problem for an individual as he would find it hard to have the sufficient erection and doing sex may turn out to be difficult for the person.

How is hypospadias diagnosed?

It is normally has to be diagnosed with the help of clinical study of the appearance of the penis and the problem shared on the part of the parents. The majority of the boys are diagnosed in the initial months following their birth in an attempt to plan the treatment as and when the child becomes six month to one year old. It has to be noted by the parents of the child that circumcision is not taking place because foreskin is what required during the period of operation.

How is hypospadias treated?

It is very important to note that hypospadias is the problem on the penis of the boy that does not leads to further health driven challenges and should not be considered as the case of life threatening. This suggests that the peeing standing up is not possible to the greater extent following by the difficulty in having sex. What seems to be main goal of the operation that has to cure the problem of hypospadias is to make the penis of the boy strong, making the movement of the meatus towards the tip of the penis and conducting the circumcision through eliminating the extra foreskin. This way, the shape and appearance of the penis will likely to look normal and proper. Normally, the concern doctor or the surgeon is capable to remove irregularities in the first and one operation. But, if the problem of hypospadias seems to be severe and cannot be eliminated in the one operation, the surgeon is likely to correct the look of the penis in the two operations taking place at different timings.

If you have the child who is suffering from the problem of hypospadias, you should get him operation from the best doctors available in the city of Karachi with low and affordable cost of the operation.

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