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Nose Job Treatment

Nose Job Treatment is done to improve an obstructed airway requires careful evaluation of the nasal structure as it relates to airflow and breathing.

Correction of a deviated septum, one of the most common causes of breathing impairment, is achieved by adjusting the nasal structure to produce better alignment.

As the nose forms the very center of the face it is also is key to facial harmony and balance. Nose reshaping to give a natural looking result requires harmony of the nose to both a patient’s face and to their body type.” Dr. Shehab Baig has found that sculpting his patient’s nose to harmonize their face can make a huge difference to making his patient’s look and feel better about themself. Nose reshaping, termed rhinoplasty is an operation of finesse and millimeters make the difference between a natural looking result and one that has the trademarks of surgery. “I focus my attention on utilizing specialized techniques through open or closed (hidden incision, also known as endo-nasal) surgery to improve the nasal aesthetics. I consider the key to natural looking nose reshaping is delicacy and subtlety, less is usually more when it comes to the nose”. Dr. Shehab Baig is a Karachi based Top most Plastic surgeon who performs multiple rhinoplasty procedures every week. Approximately 20% of all the rhinoplasty Dr. Shehab Baig completes is revision surgery from elsewhere. “With the increasing complexity of facial procedures and modern technology, it is better to perform a few facial plastic procedures very well than to do all types of body plastic surgery only well.” Dr. Shehab Baig specializes only in facial plastic surgery and performs no body surgery. Rhinoplasty surgery is as much an art as it is a science and with nose re-shaping millimetres make the difference, Dr. Shehab Baig allows additional time for each surgery, and asks patients if they cannot get an appointment right away and there is a waiting list for surgery to be patient. Dr. Shehab Baig likes to give every patient the time they need, and for some patients, surgery may not be the answer and he advises all patients not to rush into surgery.


Dr. Shehab Baig believes that reshaping the nose to give a natural looking result requires a delicate balance between the size, shape, contours and definition of the nasal bridge and tip. Cultural variation is a very important consideration in rhinoplasty. Dr. Shehab Baig is obsessive about the detailed sculpting of the nose from his years of experience in microsurgery. In order to reshape the nose to a style that is both natural while maintaining functional normal breathing requires attention to detail. In order to discuss and plan surgery with each of his patients, Dr. Shehab Baig utilizes state-of-the are computerized digital imaging in the majority of his consultations to ensure that his patient’s expectations and the surgeon’s natural looking aesthetic are in agreement.


Dr. Shehab Baig utilizes the most advanced contemporary innovational techniques from American colleagues in Los Angeles and New York. In approximately 20% of his patients, side profile may reveal facial imbalance with a small chin, Dr. Shehab Baig may advise the use of a chin implant to restore balance to make a good result into a fantastic result. Rhinoplasty is considered technically the most challenging cosmetic surgery of the entire body, a great looking rhinoplasty requires a balance of patients genetic make up and healing, surgical technical excellence and the surgeon’s artistic talent.

Dr. Shehab Baig is a facial cosmetic surgeon specializing in Plastic Surgery, he does not perform body plastic surgery. He is known for innovative looking results and uses the most natural and contemporary techniques. Although Nose Job Treatment is one of the most common cosmetic surgery in Pakistan, Specilly in Karachi

technically the most difficult, which is why some cosmetic and plastic surgeons do not perform Nose Job Treatment. The most common reasons people seek rhinoplasty is for reshaping of the nose, a high dorsal hump, lack of tip definition, a large or wide size of their nose. Patients may also describe of functional difficulty in breathing commonly caused by deviation of the nasal septum, allergic enlargement of the lining of the nose turbinates or middle nose narrowing. Dr. Shehab Baig specializes in the fine detail of facial cosmetic surgery, having trained in microscopic surgery where fractions of millimeters define success.

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