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Prominent Ear in Karachi

As technology has casted it’s net much wider, unique solutions for deformities are emerging day by day ,especially in the cosmetic surgery genre .People are approaching cosmetic rejuvenation centers to have a pleasant look or to treat some cosmetic trauma.
One surgery in this category is Otoplasty.In Otoplasty surgical procedures are carried out to reshape the outer ear, thus the deformities are corrected phenomenally with a great look. Otoplasty is broadly divided into two major categories like it would be a cosmetic otoplasty or a reconstructive procedure. Pinning back prominent ears is an example of cosmetic otoplasty, while surgery to treat ear injury is an example of reconstructive otoplasty.
These ear surgeries are being practiced successfully around the globe .It is a fact that Pakistan is not behind in spawning qualified professionals in any field, and ear surgeries in cosmetic categories are also expertly carried out in Pakistan .Karachi, being the largest metropolitan city is the real hub of such type of cosmetic procedures.
Microtia is a deformity in which the external ear is undeveloped. 1 in 9,000 births could be a microtia sufferer, losing the self confidence about his appearance. There are four grades of microtia, Grade 1, is the least severe, elevating to Grade IV in which the entire outer ear is missing. If you are visiting a cosmetic clinic to have microtia in karachi, you should understand that this type of treatment requires a number of surgeries over a period of one to two years .It all depends on the intensity of deformity that has to be treated. Recently a novel approach of 3D printing technique in incorporated in such surgeries ,though the concept is fresh and research is ongoing in such regard but exceptional ear surgery clinics in Karachi are collecting data to pursue in this novel trend.
Another issue that is addressed wisely while rendering ear surgery in Karachi is of Prominent ears .Teenagers especially with prominent ears are often taunted and ridiculed by their peers. Cosmetic clinics in Karachi are all equipped with the knowledge, skills and equipment to resolve such issues. The deformed angles ,under development or over development of the ear structure constitute the formation of prominent ears which could be satisfactorily treated through ear surgeries .In case of prominent ear in Karachi surgeries, Ear augmentation – Otopexy or – Ear reduction are ruled out to determine which type of treatment is required to minimize the prominent ear issue.
Ear surgery in Karachi is generally carried out as an outpatient category at a cosmetic clinic or in a general hospital. The consultant will suggest which type of surgery has to be performed .Whether you are a prospect for prominent ear in Karachi surgery or Microtia in Karachi, the type of anesthesia durations and repeated procedures are well counseled to the patient and expert surgeons performing ear surgeries in Karachi will explain the patient whether he is the case of prominent ear treatment or suffering from microtia. Every aspect is clearly explained and then surgery is performed in a competent way with complete features with optimum satisfactory results.

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