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Liposuction is easiest way to remove undesired fat without big cuts and extensive surgery. It is a body contouring procedure in which excessive fat can be removed from any part of your body like chin, shoulders, arms, back, belly, sides of belly, hips or thighs. It can be done in both local and general anesthesia and you can go home the same day or next day. You only get less than 1cm cut to remove large amount of excessive fat. Liposuction is not a procedure for weight-loss. It is a body contouring (body reshaping) procedure. You’re likely to lose more weight through simple methods like diet and exercise or through bariatric surgeries if you are over-weight, than you would with liposuction. But if you have excess amount of fat on certain areas of your body than you will surely benefit from liposuction. Fat equivalent to 6-7% of body weight can be removed in one sitting for a safe procedure. Also, two or three body regions can be addressed at any one given time. After the procedure you will need to wear tight garment (Pressure garments) to avoid accumulation of fluid under skin. For few days after procedure, skin over the area from where fat is removed appear loose and wrinkly but settles and re-drape with in few weeks.

Q. To whom should I consult?

This procedure is done by plastic surgeons. The surgeon will take a detailed history, perform examination, counsel you about the procedure and associated risks.You can discuss your expectation with the surgeon before getting the procedure done.

Risks and precautions:

Liposuction also carries some risks like any other major surgery. Some issues that need to be understood include:
  • Temporary pouches of fluid (seromas) can form underneath the skin. This fluid can be removed with a needle. This complication can be easily avoided by wearing tight garment in post operative period
  • Blood can accumulate beneath skin which needs drainage.
  • Skin infections although rare but possible. Routine use of antibiotic is recommended to avoid this.
  • Fragments of loosened fat may breakdown and become stuck in a blood vessel. This is called fat embolism, which is a medical emergency.

Important points to understand:

You must discuss all your medical condition that you have like blood pressure, Diabetes, Asthma etc. and all previous operations. All your medications (tablets) that you are taking. Any allergy to any medication. Family history of any illness. Any bleeding disorder. Always ask all questions that are in your mind, that you may have read or heard from someone.

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