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Rhinoplasty or nose job is an operative procedure to reshape your nose. This procedure enhances facial harmony and proportions of your nose. Nose reshaping is permanent. It gets you a straight nose with sharp, elevated and pointed tip through a single well-hidden small scar at the bottom side of nose. It is done in general anesthesia and requires only one night stay in hospital.

What rhinoplasty can treat?

  • Nose shape and size
  • Width of nose bridge
  • Nose contour with observable bumps or depressions on the bridge of nose
  • Tip of nose that is big or bulbous or boxy, drooped or curved
  • Nostrils that are large and wide
  • Nasal disproportion

I want a better-looking nose but also have breathing difficulty. Does rhinoplastyaddress both in single surgery?

Yes, breathing difficulty which is usually due to deviation of nose partition (called septum) on one side can also be address at the time of rhinoplasty

What necessary precautions should I take after having rhinoplasty?

Avoid exertional activities such as jogging and other exercises. Avoid head bending Do not rub or blow your nose, instead use normal saline nasal drops to your nose clean from inside. Avoid constipation and take high fiber diet. Gentle brushing of teeth with careful movement of upper lip Wear front open shirt. Avoid round neck or V-neck shirts. Don’t pull shirts or sweaters, over your head.

Is rhinoplasty a safe procedure?

There are few issues that can be experience by patients in early days of rhinoplasty but fortunately they are minor and resolves in a few weeks for example post operative nasal swelling, Collection of blood inside nose, Bruising around eyes and nose and minor asymmetries in nose shape.

Q. To whom should I consult?

This procedure is done by plastic surgeons. The surgeon will take a detailed history, perform examination, counsel you about the procedure and associated risks. You can discuss your expectation with the surgeon before getting the procedure done.

Can I have a repeat rhinoplasty?

If you are not satisfied with your rhinoplasty results, you can have revision rhinoplasty at least after one year of your first procedure.

Important points to understand:

  • You must discuss all your medical condition that you have like blood pressure, Diabetes, Asthma etc. and all previous operations.
  • All your medications (tablets) that you are taking.
  • Any allergy to any medication.
  • Family history of any illness.
  • Any bleeding disorder.
  • Always ask all questions that are in your mind, that you may have read or heard from someone.

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